There are very few things in this world that I can say to be true with absolute, one hundred percent, unfaltering conviction. That’s quite a hefty statement to make. It is making me nervous, but here goes: my favourite meal of the day is breakfast and brunch.

Not only are the metabolic and health advantages of eating breakfast rather persuasive, but in the morning taste buds seem so much sharper. Food tastes better, more flavoursome, more full, sweeter or with more zing, fresher and more tantalising.

Breakfast and brunch really is the most friendly meal of the day.

French toast, pancakes, hot cakes or crepes. Eggs benedict, eggs florentine, poached, scrambled, fried, soft boiled with soldiers. Muesli – toasted, natural, bircher, with fruit or chocolate. Sausages, bacon, hash browns. Toast and butter. Pastry, muffin, bagel, waffle. A breakfast salad, a breakfast dessert. Cold pizza bleary eyed and in a dressing gown or champagne brunch with pearls and heels. Cereal, porridge, yoghurt, fruit. Tea, coffee, juice, smoothie.

So, the idea of a breakfast rut, of blindly pouring cereal into a bowl, maybe a sprinkle of sugar, then too much milk and sitting, slouched, reading the back of the box for the umpteenth time, or worse, standing over the sink staring glassy eyed out the window is quite insulting. We do not have time every morning for pearls and heels, for hauling out the waffle iron or whipping up a holondaise. But let’s avoid the ruts, let’s make a little effort, please.

Last week I made a rather ho-hum sort of banana-seed-raisin loaf. It was dense like a brick, a bit like condensed bird feed and due to a lack of a one litre capacity loaf tin, I had TWO of the overwhelmingly average loaves. What to do?

Make breakfast parfait! Slices of banana-seed-raisin loaf, sliced banana, stewed apple, repeat, yoghurt. These could very well be my new go-to breakfast. Versatile – use any fruit, quick, easy, added health points, plus if you are feeling fancy eat them in a Sunday glass! Or, feeling a bit cute in a glass jar like mine.

A breakfast parfait really could be made with anything-toasted fruit bread or split muffin, a breakfast muffin, berry might be nice. Or porridge oats or normal cereal. The key is in the layering: a little added moisture to the bread-y base enhances the flavours but add the wet fruit directly on the bread and you might have a soggy mess.

Experiment and see what you come up with. Sprinkle some nuts, seeds or oats on top. A spoonful of honey or two different yoghurts. Fresh berries in summer would be lovely and make for bright layers.