This coming Sunday the 3rd of June will mark a year since I returned from France. It has gone by so fast. I think about France often; the weekends away, the skiing, the people I met, the food I ate, the wonderful places I visited. This blog constantly reminds me of France and seems to hold me to these memories. I started blogging in France and came to find such enjoyment in the blogging community and the discipline of writing regularly.

It is so lovely then to be nominated for The Food Stories Award for Excellence in Storytelling. Sarah from More Than Greens kindly nominated me for this award. I like Sarah’s blog because, while duck confit and a perfectly medium rare steak are some of my favourite meals, I do agree with her that vegetarian food has so much to offer in terms of diversity, taste, colour, texture and health. More than just rabbit food, as she says.

The nomination for this award requires me to also nominate five other blogs for Excellence in Storytelling. Some of these blogs I have read for a while, and others I have only recently discovered. But either way, they each offer wonderful snapshots into other culinary lives.

  • Down Under – a fellow Wellington blogger, though originally from France, this blog is an interesting perspective of my favourite city
  • As Strong As Soup – I think the title is great, as are the many French cake recipes
  • Eat, etc – a recent discovery and I look forward to reading more
  • Vegetarian Ventures – I love the style of photography here
  • The Patterned Plate – the header first drew me in, now I love the writing too

Be sure to click on these links – they are great blogs.