MeWelcome to food… love food!

My name is Harriet. I am a twenty-something student living and working in Wellington, New Zealand. In October 2010 I left New Zealand to work in France for eight months. There I discovered a world of food, both virtual and real, a world that I couldn’t get enough of. Food blogs became night time reading and a “Cook Book Wish List” is now saved to my desktop. Going to a food market, sometimes only to take photos of cheese stalls and fresh produce, became my favourite past-time. Wonderful food and quality ingredients had always been available in my house, but never before had I considered them to be a fundamental part of my life, or the basis of a future career.

As I grow older I hope I have become more mindful of the food choices I make. For me, food choice is less about ingredients and more about how we approach them. I will continue to eat meat, eggs, fish and dairy as long as they are of the best quality I can afford. Our ingredients should be prepared with thought and care. Respect should be shown to how the food was grown or produced. Food is so much more than simply fuel for the body.

This is what this blog is about: how ingredients, often the most simple, can be made delicious if given a little time and attention. Meals should be meaningful: our holidays, birthdays and special events are remembered by the food we ate and the people we share it with.

Happy reading.